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For non-sales related enquiries, please contact our head office:

Head office

Austube Mills
Building 7
Industrial Drive
Mayfield, NSW 2304

General Enquiries
T 1800 281 424

We pride ourselves on having a sales and distribution team who go out of their way to liaise with you, understand your needs and work in partnership with you to establish the appropriate solution that fits the requirements of your application.

We have a dedicated sales and service support team/function for each Australian state and territory, and also New Zealand.

We are known for our short lead times (regularly available stock), our knowledge, capability and responsiveness – we genuinely care for and help you to bring your design ideas to life. We have the product on location ready to go and we will deliver on what we promise.

Please call 1800 281 424 or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.