Austube Mills sponsored local cricket club

Austube Mills sponsored local cricket club

Key points

Last year Austube Mills introduced our Community Sponsorship Program and proudly sponsored our WA Sales Manager's son’s junior cricket team, the Wembley Black under 14s, for the 2013/14 cricket season.

Each boy had a turn as captain and was presented with an Austube Mills branded ‘Baggy Black Cap’. At the conclusion of the game it was the captain’s responsibility to write our General Manager an email to thank the business for the sponsorship. The players proudly wore their caps at every opportunity and used their orange water bottles (pictured) at each game.

The purpose of the sponsorship was to provide the boys with specialist coaching to help them improve their skills. The sponsorship allowed them to conduct two net sessions with bowling machines while engaging ex-county and state cricketers to coach the sessions.

Here is one captain's email to the General Manager:

“This week I was captain for Wembley U/14 Black cricket team. I am writing to thank you for the sponsorship provided by Austube Mills and my Baggy Black Cap.

This week was a one-day game and with the terrible rainy and cold weather, we lost; our batting let us down but for a few exceptions and our bowling was reasonable, but I believe we can still improve over the season.
 Once again thank you for the sponsorship, we appreciate it.

Article published on Saturday, 31 May 2014