The benefits of Australian steel

The benefits of Australian steel

Steel is one of the most sustainable construction materials. Its strength and durability coupled with its ability to be recycled, again and again, without ever losing quality make it truly compatible with long term sustainable development.

Building owners value the flexibility of steel buildings, and the value benefits they provide, such as the light, open, airy spaces that can be created, making it ideal for modernisation, reconfiguring, extending or adapting with minimal disruption, and without costly and sometimes harmful demolition and redevelopment. Even without these benefits, steel is often the first choice on the basis of cost alone.

Steel is also highly durable. Steel piles extracted from an area with a high water table have been found to be fit for reuse after more than 100 years in the ground.

Steel is strong and ductile too, making it highly resistant to accidental damage. If any damage does occur, it can easily be repaired by cutting, welding or bolting to restore its full strength.

Steelwork erection on site is not restricted by weather conditions, other than high winds, and can continue year round, with no need for special protection measures in winter.

Article published on Saturday, 31 August 2013