Our vision, mission & values

Our vision

To be the most recognised and respected manufacturer of certified structural steel, pipe and tube sections in every market we serve. We will generate sustainable returns through innovation and excellence made possible by our people and their passion for our products, customers and environment.

Our mission

We strive every day to be the safest and most customer-focused business we can be; sustaining our position as the leading manufacturer of tubular sections by delivering quality products and service through optimised processes, capable people, trusted channel partner relationships and supply chain advantage.

Core Values

Goal Zero: Zero Harm, Zero Waste

Austube Mills has two Core Values - Safety and Customer.

Statistically and culturally, a strong commitment to Safety and Customer is embedded across the entire Austube Mills business.We won’t compromise on maintaining the safety of our people and also the safety of the person using our products, our customers.

Goal Zero: Zero Harm, Zero Waste is a series of internal initiatives we use to deliver our Core Values across every aspect of our business.