Our people


Chris Kwan

Manager, Supply Chain

Chris was appointed to lead Supply Chain in 2015. He joined the Australian Tube Mills business in 2000 at the Acacia Ridge facility and has worked in various roles in IT and supply chain. He has prior experience in the finance and warehousing industries, and has project managed a number of IT system implementations.

Chris holds a Degree in Information Technology and formal qualifications in Production and Inventory Management.

He is a strong family man, and enjoys supporting the various sports of his kids plus the odd game of golf.

“My vision for Austube Mills is to be an internationally competitive tube manufacturer known for its service, quality and passion in its people.”

Chris Kwan

Brett Wilcox

Trade Measures Manager

Brett joined Austube Mills in 1998 and, following the formation of Australian Tube Mills in 2007, has worked across a variety of roles including process improvement, facilities engineering, product development and supply chain.

With more than 19 years of experience in the steel industry, Brett holds an Honours Degree in Manufacturing and Material Engineering from the University of Queensland and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Griffith University. He also holds formal qualifications in Production and Inventory Management.

Brett enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his family and is an avid fisherman whose claim to fame includes being a junior Australian record holder for Sports Fishing.

“My vision is for Austube Mills to be the leading supplier of quality cold formed steel sections to the Australian and New Zealand markets.”

Brett Wilcox

Geoff Cooke

Manager, Sales & Marketing

Geoff joined Austube Mills in 2013 to lead the Sales and Marketing team and has over 18 years management experience under his belt. Having worked across a diverse spread of distribution segments including hardware, agricultural and steel, Geoff’s experience includes the responsibility for the management of various national accounts and sales and marketing teams, with direct input into strategic planning and the development of joint sales and marketing growth initiatives.

Geoff has formal qualifications in business management and holds executive coaching accreditation from the Institute of Executive Coaching (Australia).

He enjoys keeping fit through various activities including running, soccer and competing in long distance cross country endurance events.

“My vision for Austube Mills is for it to be recognised as the supplier of choice by our distribution partners and to be the respected advisor in the development of any structural steel pipe and tube project. We will achieve this by delivering a unique level of service based on a high degree of customer insight and intimacy that can only be achieved by working closely with our key stakeholders to create true commercial value for their businesses.”

Andrew Barrett

Manager, Commercial

Andrew was recently appointed Acting Commercial Manager for Austube Mills, after joining the business as Senior Management Accountant in 2011. Prior to this he worked for 16 years at BHP and then Arrium at the Whyalla Steelworks, where he performed a variety of roles including Management Accountant for Steelmaking and for the Mining operations, project accountant for the $400m mine development project and a range of corporate accounting roles.

With his post-graduate studies in computing, he was an instrumental member in the implementation of accounting consolidation systems at Whyalla and across the wider Arrium business, as well as the implementation of the SAP accounting system at Whyalla. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in budgeting and forecasting, monthly processing and reporting, governance and finance systems implementation.

Andrew holds a BA in Accountancy as well as a Graduate Diploma in Computer and Information Science.

As a loyal South Australian, Andrew is a keen devotee of AFL football and his beloved Adelaide Crows, second only in his heart to his lovely wife.

“My vision for Austube Mills is to be a strong, successful manufacturer of pipe and the employer of choice for a happy and dedicated workforce.”

Andrew Barrett

Technical experts

Arun Syam

Industry and Trade Development Manager

Arun is responsible for co-coordinating and actioning trade measures initiatives on behalf of Austube Mills, as well as managing interactions/relations with the various Australian government and industry bodies. Arun works closely with the Australian and New Zealand Standards committees and has authored numerous publications and design guides for tubular and structural steel products.

Arun provides expert technical and business support to our customers and partners and has a wealth of experience having worked in technical and advisory engineering roles within the steel tube industry for more than 28 years.

Arun holds a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Engineering and has a Certificate of Electric-Arc Welding. He is a member of the Institution of Engineers Australia, is a Chartered Professional Engineer (Australia) and an Honorary Fellow of the Welding Technology Institute of Australia.

Arun has been recognised for excellence in engineering and welding capability by OneSteel, the Metal Building Products Manufacturers' Association and TAFE.

Arun has an impressive list of industry credentials including Immediate Past National President of the Welding Technology Institute of Australia (WTIA) where he was the longest serving president and councillor. He is also Chairman of the WTIA Qualification and Certification Board and is also a Board Member of the Galvanizers' Association of Australia (GAA). Councillor and Executive Board Member of CIDECT, an international committee for the development and study of tubular structures, and mentor for the inaugural Standards Australia Young Leaders program 2012-13. Arun is a committee member of Standard Australia Technical Committees BD-001 Steel structures, BD-023 Structural steel, BD-032 Composite steel-concrete construction, BD-036 Scaffolding, BD-082 Cold-formed steel structures, BD-090-2 Bridge crash barriers, BD-090-6 Steel bridges, ME-043 Bulk materials handling equipment, ME-072 Technical drawings, MT-009 Metal finishing, MT-014 Corrosion of metals, WD-003 Welding of structures.

Arun is a member of the Standards Australia Steel Sector Advisory Forum and the Australian Technical Infrastructure Committee (ATIC). Representative for the Bureau of Steel Manufacturers of Australia Limited (BOSMA), technical representative for the Australian Industry Group (AiG) and former board member of Australian Institute of Steel Construction.

“Steel is an inherently superior structural material which has been long proven. Tubular steel products offer a unique value proposition for steel in various applications. We need to further harness the many opportunities for using such a cost-effective material and product form.”

Arun Syam

Hayden Dagg

Technical Manager, Supply Chain

Having started in the Steel industry as a Mechanical Engineering Trainee, Hayden has a career history spanning some 41 plus years. He has taken on engineering roles across production, design, maintenance and customer support and has led product and application development. Hayden maintains active involvement in numerous industry groups, working with them to ensure best practice applies to the Australian steel industry and the users of steel.

Hayden holds qualifications in Mechanical Engineering, Fitting and Turning, Welding, Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Diesel maintenance.

Hayden has an impressive list of industry credentials including;

Committee Member of Standards Australia Technical Committees BD-001 (Steel Structures), BD-023 Structural Steel, BD-036 Scaffolding, BD-082 Cold-formed Steel Structures, CE-008 Chain link Fabric Security Fences and Gates, MT-009 Metal Finishing, MT-014 Corrosion Of Metals, WD-003 Welding Of Structures, WS-004 Steel Pipes and Fittings – Water and Gas

Welding Technology Institute of Australia Member Panel 2 – Weldability of Steels Member Panel 9 – Health & Safety in Welding, and former Council Member

Co-Operative Research Centre for Material Welding and Joining (CRC MWJ): Alternative Board member, Management Committee member

Co-Operative Research Centre for Welded Structures (CRC WS): Management Committee member

Welded Structures Foundations: Current member

CIDECT: Member of the Technical Commission and former company representative on the Executive committee

Australian Institute of Steel Construction (AISC): Area Committee member, Tubular Steel Group Member

National Association of Steel Frame Housing: Member of technical committee

Hayden has also facilitated a number of research projects focusing on weldability, structural performance and structural behaviour with Deakin University, Monash University and the University of Sydney.

“To have the steel sections manufactured by Austube Mills be the sections of choice for structural, mechanical, architectural and aesthetic applications, where the advantage of torsional rigidity, ease of design, clean lines, closed section, high strength and smooth coatings of hollow section; and the ease of connecting and smooth corrosion resistance surface coatings of profiles are recognised and utilised in the market.”

Hayden Dagg

Operations experts

Darren Newbegin

Site Manager, Acacia Ridge

With more than 20 years working for Austube Mills, Darren Newbegin is the Site Operations Manager at the Acacia Ridge site.

Darren brings to his role diverse experience across many business disciplines, including training, organisational development, human resources, transport and logistics, production and operations. Darren has a passion for engaging closely with his workforce and identifying and developing leaders. He has formal qualifications in training and assessment, and business. Darren is also a member of the Australian Institute of Management.

To relax from the office, Darren spends time with his family and plays the guitar and the Ukelele. He also has 35 years practicing Martial Arts, specialising in JKA Shotokan Karate, and is a passionate Collingwood supporter in the AFL and the Broncos in the NRL.

Darren’s vision for Austube Mills is for “the company to be the leading manufacturer of pipe, tube and profile sections in Australia. I know our brand will continue to grow strongly and as will our reputation for service excellence and quality.”

Darren Newbegin

Graham Hasemann

Site Manager, Newcastle

Prior to commencing as the Site Operations Manager at Newcastle at the beginning of 2014, Graham has worked with Austube Mills for 22 years, most recently as the Site Operations Manager at the Acacia Ridge site.

Graham brings more than 20 years in-depth experience in the Australian steel industry, from his start as an electrical tradesman, during which he has held a succession of management roles showcasing his leadership skills and enthusiasm for the progression and teamwork of the people he works with. Graham won both the Austube Mills and Arrium Safety Leader of the Year Award in 2013.

Graham’s goal in his new position at the Newcastle site is to build a strong and capable team who will uphold consistent standards and processes. He is looking forward to building upon the team’s already solid foundation to create a workplace free of harm to our people and the environment.

Graham holds formal qualifications in the electrical trade as well as an Associate Diploma and a Diploma in Lean Manufacturing. Graham is also a member of the Australian Institute of Management.

Graham has a keen interest in Thoroughbred horse racing and is also a family man, who enjoys spending quality time with his wife and children fishing and camping.

“My vision for Austube Mills is for us to continue to uphold and maintain our leadership values and processes across our entire business while treating our people as our biggest assets, valuing each individual’s ownership of the part they play to keep our business thriving.”

Graham Hasemann