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DuraPrimed primer paint for tubular steel products has been developed specifically to save you time and money without compromising quality. It’s unique anti-spatter formula reduces clean-up time dramatically; any spatter caused during the welding process is simply wiped off.

DuraPrimed is the result of more than 20 years of research and development based on feedback from steel fabricators, manufacturers and specifiers across a wide range of rural, commercial and domestic construction, light engineering and transport applications. The result is a product that reduces expensive and labour intensive surface preparation prior to fabrication and further coating.

Austube Mills use both solvent and water based DuraPrimed primers applied in-line by a fully automated process applying an average coating thickness between 8-16 microns depending on the application process.

  • Coating thickness: Target 12 microns with average between 8-16 microns (solvent versus water-based)
  • Colour: Typically RHS/SHS available in blue and black; CHS in red and black