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Construction has a major influence on every Australian.

We supply pipe and tube for civil, commercial, and residential projects.

Construction has a major influence on every Australian, as it provides the homes in which we live, the places in which most of us work and play, our schools and hospitals, and infrastructure such as infrastructure such as telecommunications, water and electricity supply and roads – all essential for our day-to-day living.

How is our tubular steel used in residential construction?

  • house building, extensions and renovations, steel flooring systems, house stumps, stair stringers and pergolas
  • sheds and garages
  • patios and columns
  • trusses
  • fencing

How is our tubular steel used in non-residential construction?

  • commercial buildings, multi-dwelling construction, schools, hospitals and prisons
  • recreational facilities and playgrounds
  • stadiums and public pools
  • road infrastructure and street furniture

How is our tubular steel used in engineering construction?

  • roads and bridges
  • ports and rail infrastructure
  • transmission towers, power poles and scaffolding
  • water and sewerage

With some five million cubic metres of timber consumed every year in the construction industry, the opportunity exists for steel to play a much more dominant role in building infrastructure and protecting the environment long-term.